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StormStock Captures Fury of Hurricane Charley on Video
For Immediate Release
August 16, 2004

ARLINGTON, Texas - Prairie Pictures announced today that their hurricane hunter team captured unique and dramatic footage inside Hurricane Charley as it made landfall near Punta Gorda, Florida on Friday.  The powerful storm, rated a Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, caused significant damage in the area as winds gusted to near 145 mph.  The team's mission was to photograph the effects near the hurricane's eye for the company's StormStock footage library.  Charley produced an almost constant barrage of airborne debris for their cameras, resulting in some of the fiercest winds recorded on video.  "Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced hurricane hunters in the world," said Martin Lisius, Prairie Pictures president and StormStock founder.  "But the intense winds that Charley produced were so incredible that even our veterans were surprised and shocked at what they witnessed.  The video says it all."
The StormStock team of photographers track and capture dramatic weather images for licensed use in film and television productions.  It is considered the premier source for storm footage by industry professionals worldwide.  Samples of the Hurricane Charley video can be viewed on-line at

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