Severe Weather Safety Guide

The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide

 by Martin Lisius

"There's nobody I'd rather get severe weather safety tips from than Martin Lisius: founder of safe and successful Tempest Tours storm chasing company; the "Storm Whisperer" who provides stunning weather images to Hollywood and the media. In his new book, Martin gives "Prepare, Monitor, Act" advice on how to protect yourself in any dire weather, from tornadoes to blizzards, hurricanes to extreme heat. The gorgeous photos in this book would make it a must-read for weather enthusiasts; the life-saving advice makes it a must-own book for everyone."
— Jenna Blum, New York Times and internationally bestselling author of The Stormchasers

This guide teaches others how to protect themselves from severe weather. The author, Martin Lisius, is a veteran storm chaser, producer, director and cinematographer. He is sometimes called "The Storm Whisperer" because of his intimate knowledge of severe weather. This guide will help you prepare, monitor and act through all types of hazardous weather. As you incorporate each helpful instruction, you will find that it is a "must read" for anyone affected by severe weather. This book could save your life!

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