​​​​​​​StormStock captures photogenic Iowa tornado on 4K

Founder and filmmaker Martin Lisius captured a series of tornadoes in southwest Iowa for his StormStock collection earlier this summer. 

The storms that produced the tornadoes developed in the afternoon on an “outflow boundary” which was created by a round of morning storms earlier in the day. “An outflow boundary will often cause surface winds to become more easterly which increases wind shear for storms later in the afternoon,” Lisius said. “This makes it easier for low level rotation to evolve in a new storm, and sometimes leads to tornadogenesis, or the birth of a tornado.” Lisius was able to witness and film the formation of the first tornado near Shenandoah, Iowa as it tracked through vacant cornfields.

The new footage was recorded on DCI 4K and is available for licensing exclusively through StormStock at

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