Veteran Storm Chaser Releases New Book About Severe Weather Safety

Veteran storm chaser Martin Lisius has released a new book titled “The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide.” It is currently available in paperback (76 pages) and on Kindle (83 pages) at Amazon, and on Nook (64 pages) at Barnes & Noble. The iBook version (57 pages), featuring additional photos and dramatic footage captured by Lisius, will be available at the Apple iTunes Store later this week.

The guide opens with the line “This book could save your life,” and follows with the author’s insight, gained from 40 years of studying storms, on how readers can best protect themselves and their families from tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and other hazards. “I think there is some confusion among people when it comes to the right way to prepare for, and act when severe weather threatens,” Lisius said. “Some still don’t understand the difference between a watch and a warning, and what they should do and not do when a tornado is nearby, for example. I tell them exactly how to prepare, monitor and act for each hazard in a short, sweet, easy to read guide.”

About the Author: 

Martin Lisius is a veteran storm chaser, producer, director, and cinematographer. He is sometimes called “The Storm Whisperer” because of his intimate knowledge of severe weather. Lisius has produced several documentaries about storms, including “The Chasers of Tornado Alley” and “Chasing the Wind” for public television. He produced “StormWatch” for the National Weather Service who uses it to train storm spotters nationwide, and founded the Texas Severe Storms Association (TESSA), a non-profit organization dedicated to severe weather education. In 1993, he established StormStock, a collection of premium and rare storm footage and stills, and now one of the oldest stock image brands in the world. You can see storms shot by Lisius on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and in TV commercials and theatrical features including “Son of God,” “Into the Storm,” and “Lucy” (all 2014 releases). In 2000, he founded Tempest Tours Storm Chasing Expeditions to reveal and teach the wonders of storms to guests from around the world. And, in 2014, Lisius established the SAFE-D Tornado Project to develop a safer way to study tornadoes in the field.

Book Basics:

Title: “The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide” 
Author: Martin Lisius
Publisher: Prairie Pictures
First Published: July 2014

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